Thursday, January 30, 2014

Today is swim day, I was determined to go and give it my all, flipper free and see what kind of pace I could get for 300m (the swim distance of my first triathlon in a fortnight).  I have read in various spots that for a triathlon you should attack the swim with the mentality of keeping it easy, and I certainly will be as I battle internal anxiety over open water swimming and keeping on the course for the first time.  I timed myself at a moderate pace and managed to swim 300m in 3.5 minutes.  So my aim is to make sure I swim that portion of the tri in around 5 min, allowing extra time for checking my course and general freaking out!

It felt really good flipper free again today, for one portion we all put our flippers on and it felt A-mazing to be going that fast through the water again, no wonder it took me a while to get comfortable without them!

I arrived home to find my new book in the letterbox, I have no idea why I insist on buying more books when I haven't finished the ones on my bedside table but I am sure there are worse habits to keep!

I am itching to open the front cover and start reading but sadly I am about to jump in the shower and head to work, after more coffee, and maybe some dencorub and brufen!  Swimming certainly knows how to attack my shoulders!

Big run day tomorrow, looking forward to getting some of the hills done.

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