Tuesday, January 28, 2014

And so it starts.

The first day of kindy was today, his final year before starting prep next year.  Otto was so excited, happy to go and meet new friends and play in a new space, explore and have adventures of his very own.  These happy, joyful moments are always peppered with sadness and a longing of days gone if you are a mum I am sure, but with big smile on our faces we waved goodbye and made promises of choc chip biscuits as a treat for home time.

Hugo was a bit lost to start off with, he kept looking around calling out for Otto, and then you saw the sudden realisation that he had all the toys to himself, and he was perfectly fine!

I picked up a tired yet happy boy and brought him back home to fresh baked biscuits which were baked with love and happy thoughts while he was away, a reminder that while he can't see me, he is never far from my thoughts and he will always be loved.

So there we go, another school year started, another trip around the sun.


  1. Such a big guy! I wish we could freeze time!

    1. I know! It all goes far to quickly for me to cope with. I hope you are staying warm and safe over there.