Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thank you Pharrell.

Thank you Pharrell Williams for making my run this morning just that much more enjoyable!

Best film clip I have watched for a while.

I had a good run this morning considering it was bloody hot!  By 6:30 when I left the temperature was already hitting 26 degrees which would normally be a lovely temp to run in if the humidity wasn't so high.  I was happy to keep my pace under 6 min/km (just) and was unlucky not to score any train crossing breaks today.

Distance : 5.5km
Time: 30min
Pace 5.59/km

I have decided already to fiddle with my training schedule, it became very obvious last night that strength training on a Monday just wasn't going to happen so I have changed it to a Tuesday night as Wednesday is my rest day.  This is what I have decided to use to help me as I don't need much to start off with.

I am really looking forward to a rest tomorrow, something I already knew but have learnt again this week is how important sleep and rest is for recovering.  So right now I am off to have a bath and then go to bed, to hell with the folding!

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