Monday, January 20, 2014

Day one.

Today was the first day of my nine week training program for the half marathon.  Monday is swim day which I normally really enjoy but after our week of vomiting hell I just felt tired, strung out and seriously in need of a sleep in!

I went anyway and had probably one of the worst training sessions since I started, however I was very happy that I went ahead and proved to myself that even on bad days doing something is still better than sitting on the couch.  I also went without flippers which probably didn't help.  Normally I am one of the faster people in my lane but today I was second last, well and truly trying to catch everyone's bubbles!

Halfway through I decided that pushing myself probably wasn't going to make anything better so instead used the time to concentrate on my technique, something I really wished I had paid more attention to during school, rather than counting the minutes until I could get myself out of the water.  Concentrating on something other than how much I wasn't enjoying myself worked and I finished the hour feeling better than when I started, with a smile and bloody sore arms!

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