Monday, January 13, 2014

Resolution Run.

So yesterday was my first race of the year, I was so eager to get it done and feel like the year was off to a good start, especially after feeling so comfortable on my runs through the week.

The alarm went off at 4am and after the moment of confusion that everyone must feel I jumped/ moved like a zombie to get ready.  One difference I noticed straight away was the lack of nerves, each race last year was accompanied by a million butterflies in my stomach, however it seems as though now I have my pre race routine down pat.

I was ready to go at 4:30, right on schedule and cranked up the music in the car to get me moving.  A quick walk over the bridge after parking just as the sun hit the horizon had me grinning from ear to ear.  This business of living is feeling pretty great.

Then it dawned on me, I was early, really really early, the fifth runner to arrive.  On one hand I was happy to not be stressed, but that meant I could have easily had another half hour in bed!  Oh well, it gave myself and the other runners a chance to watch the sun rise over the river and the finish markers.

The weather was perfect, 21 degrees when we started and 24 degrees when we finished, after the heatwave from the week before I was so pleased for a cooler start.

Overall I felt the race went well, in the past I have been upset with my pacing, I often feel as though I don't push myself enough and sit in a pace that is too easy and comfortable.  My main aim was to sit in the 5.20's and really attack the race.  

My final stats:

Pace: 5.27/km (5min 15 sec/km)
Place: 34/197 (age category 26-34)

I was ecstatic with the end result, my muscles today are telling me that I really ran it hard and each time I felt myself slow down I was able to pick the pace up.  It felt amazing to have Han and the boys there to watch me run and really inspired me to keep trying my best.

Next up is the twilight half marathon in March, another event I get to tick off my bucket list.  Time to get training and work out my plan of attack.

Today I was looking forward to an easy swim session to help loosen my tired muscles, instead I have been up since early in the morning caring for Hugo who seems to have caught some sort of vomiting bug.  It is awful to see them go down, hopefully he is up and feeling better again soon.

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