Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Run darling, Run.

So after all my talking last night, I was ready for a slower run with some hill walking to get me through.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  It was one of my best runs with the kids for a long time.

My average pace was 5:56/km, I remember this time last year I was trying to get my pace to 6:30/km so it is good to see that even though the boys are getting bigger, my numbers are going down.  I am usually happy with anything under 6:10/km while running with the boys, and kept waiting for the numbers to creep up during my 5 minutely updates (I use runkeeper on my iPhone).  I did have the luck of catching two trains at the level crossing today which I am sure helped me recover for some of the hills on the way home.

It is a rest day tomorrow and I am looking forward to a sleep in, relaxing bath and breakfast in bed!  Who am I kidding, the boys will be up bright and early as usual and the grocery shopping beckons.

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