Thursday, January 23, 2014

Run slow, run a little.

Today was meant to be a 6km run.  I didn't quite get there and I ran very very slowly, but I did it, and I really enjoyed it.

I have a recurring back injury which flared up a little yesterday so I went into the run knowing I would be slow, may not reach my 6km, and I was ok with that.  This is only week one of nine, I need to make sure that I listen to my body and rest when I need to or I won't ever get to that half marathon.  To top it off it has still been very hot and humid here which I find really draining, 2 minutes into my run this morning and sweat was pouring into my eyes and down my elbows, is it any wonder that I enjoy swimming so much at the moment!  I expect that will change come winter.

Distance: 5.6km
Time: 36min
Pace: 6.20/km

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