Saturday, November 30, 2013


Otto:  Each morning this week you have been banging at the back door desperate to get outside and play with the water from the tank and some unused pipes you are using.  The intricate plans and designs you have in your head become reality.  I love watching how proud you are when they work.

Hugo:  Your two favourite toys, if anyone dares to touch them they are met with intense and very loud shrieking.  Your brother has of course worked this out and uses it to his advantage.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Hanukkah /Christmas concert.

 (trying to get a photo of these two still at the same time is impossible)

My darling boy.

There are only two more weeks of Kindy left this year and your final concert was last night. I was worried about how you would go after your last concert where you scowled at me the entire time, however I was happily shocked to see you not only sing and dance, but your joy in performing.  I don't think you are destined for a life on the stage but it showed me how much you had grown over the last few months.

We have both learnt so much this year, and I am looking forward to the holidays and spending extra time with you before kindy starts again next year.  My sweet boy, the four year old you is very lovely indeed.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Around here.

1. His empty side of the bed.
2. Otto recently found his animals again, I have been loving the daily animal parades.
3.Christmas cheer.
4. Officially ready for summer.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Flutter flutter!

Otto had such an exciting morning, we finally saw a catterpillar become a butterfly.  

The best part was that it decided to rest and then test it's wings on Otto's back.  He was so thrilled that his butterfly friend chose him.  I am pleased that he was able to see a complete life cycle of the butterfly.  It really is amazing to watch, and so pleasurable to see the world again through the eyes of a four year old.

Not a bad way to start the week.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Otto:  Your obsession with torches has been a constant in our lives for well over a year now, but recently it has taken on a new meaning.  You are starting to really enjoy imaginative play and these torches reflect that.  At times they are a sword, a treasure, the light of a city cat or the moon.  It has been great fun watching you discover the world that lives in your imagination.

Hugo:  Every day I find you in the garden with your dump truck, a present for Otto's first birthday.  I hear you talking away in your own 18 month language as it goes on adventures through the mondo grass.  At 18 months your personality is growing and at times we call you our wrecking ball as destruction lies in your path.  

What a week, Han is home this week and we are loving every minute of having him with us, all too quickly we will say goodbye again and revert to our normal routine.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Caterpillar discovery.

This spring we took the time to finally plant some vegetables.  Once our renovations are complete there are plans for an extensive vegetable plot and chicken coop, but for now we are making do with pots, and it is flourishing.  Otto has loved watching as each vegetable has started to grow and and now produce fruits and vegetables.

One plant however has taken a beating from some little green pests.  Cabbage butterflies have invaded our purple broccoli.  At first I was busy researching sprays I could use and any other effective method of eradicating them from our plant.

Until I realised the importance of spending time each day with the boys picking these little green troublemakers from the plant.  It has prompted so many discussions, from the circle of life, carnivores and herbivores, how different animals make and provide for their young so that in the end I have done nothing.  We continue the work each day, standing there, pulling them off our leaves, enjoying the slow time just talking with Otto about important 4 year old business, or teaching Hugo a new word at a time.  It is now one of my most favourite times of day.

Last week we found a Chrysalis, Otto was so excited.  Hugo just wanted to eat it.  I found some magnifying glasses and together with a friend we watched the caterpillars that day eat and waited for the butterfly to emerge.  We missed the butterfly, but did get to see the beginning of the process.

Not a bad lesson for all of us.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Back on the bandwagon, with so much to catch up on, but first, our gorgeous children.

Otto:  I see this face so much lately, you are amazing my little boy, there is so much going on in that head of yours, sometimes I wish I could help you, but this is your journey, I am just here to guide you.

Hugo:  Your are mischief wrapped up in a very cute package.

I have missed spending time in my own head and writing it down here, but life is busy and Han is always away.  I am hoping to make it here more often though.

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