Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lace up those shoes!

I was all ready to skip today's run, I just didn't feel like it, the kids were whingy, it looked like rain, we were cold and I was tired.  All valid excuses, except this place kept me honest, how would I explain myself later in the day when I came to write here.  So I did it, I laced up the shoes, put my headphones in and ran.

It felt good.  It always does once you get going.

My pace was similar (5:58/km) to the other day, except I forgot to switch the run keeper on for five minutes after waiting for a train to pass, so who really knows.  The important factor for me was that I did it, I ran the whole way on a day that I didn't really want to.

I learnt one more lesson.  I have a lot of free shirts and visors from the races that I ran last year, I am always grateful to receive one as a lot of apparel is expensive, and it is always a good motivator to pull on a shirt that brings back good memories of a great run.  I was won over to the running visor after forgetting my cap for the Brisbane Marathon and grabbed a free one at the race, I wore it for a long time until replacing it with another free one for the Noosa Triathlon.  
Yesterday I had decided to check out a Nike one from my local sports shop.  It seemed like a lot of money to pay for not much material and a piece of cardboard, but I went ahead anyway after hearing how amazing they were, today I ran with it for the first time.  Sadly no wings sprang from the sides to help me run faster but I was amazed at how much more comfortable it was to wear.  So sometimes, it is worth it to spend that bit more (or anything at all) and get quality gear.  Now all I need to do is convince Han of the same thing.

In all my post run sweaty glory!  When will I learn to take photos BEFORE I run?!  Tomorrow is a swim day and I am looking forward to hitting the pool, Friday is sprints which is always crazy and fun and exhausting.  The best part is picking the kids up, having their swim lessons and then a fun time at the pool before we head home for naps.  I can't think of a better way to get ready for the weekend.

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