Tuesday, January 14, 2014

3 weeks to train.

So I have done it, for the later part of last year my goal was to start this year off with a short distance triathlon.  I kept talking to people as though I had already signed myself up and was preparing for it, the truth in fact is that I had been too chicken to do it.
I have the reminder in my calender, I run through how it will feel to complete it and then I see myself struggling for air in the swim, stumbling through transition, falling from my bike while I try and clip in and I loose all my nerve.  The mind is a powerful organ, with the ability to help you achieve great things or ensure that your dreams remain only dreams.

With a fortifying glass of wine and credit card in hand tonight was the night, I found myself at the website again, looking through all the pictures, wanting to feel the achievement of competing in my first triathlon and I did it.  I am all signed up and paid in full, there is no turning back now.  In truth I am excited, it is done, now all I have to do is train and read everything I possibly can about transitions!

Short course stats:
Swim 300m
Bike 10km
Run 3km

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