Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My unexpected week off.

So much washing.

This week is not really going the way I had planned.  From early Monday morning it turns out Hugo has had Rota virus.  Luckily he is fully immunised so the effects of the illness have been mild compared to what could have been.

However, I am exhausted, 3 am seems to be the witching time for Hugo to commence the day vomiting the remains of his dinner, eventually waking his brother sometime before 5 am.  Trying to entertain an overtired 4 year old who is quarantined with a sick 19 month old is leaving me with very little patience.  We generally watch little TV but rest assured I could now sing you the lyrics to Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder and if anyone would like to discuss with me the arrogance of Fireman Sam I am right there.

You would think with all this time at home I would have achieved more jobs that are desperately calling my name, instead I have only barely managed to keep up with the insane amount of washing a vomiting toddler can create!  I am however halfway through making my training schedule for the next 9 weeks, there is nothing like a full calender of events to get you motivated and planning ahead. Oh and as soon as Han walks in that door tomorrow night I am going for a run, anything to leave the smell of dettol and Glenn 20 far behind me for at least a little while.

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