Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just keep kicking.

Swim day today and it is sprints day, bloody sprints day.  I love and hate it.  I am sitting here, my shoulders and legs are aching and I am going to need an injection of caffeine to get through work tonight, but that memory of gliding through the water trying to catch the bubbles of the person in front, and then mentally patting yourself on the back when you pass them and they are the ones catching the bubbles is just too good.

I have to admit, I chickened out of going without flippers for much of today, I am not sure how I would go doing all the sprints without some help.  When we dove and did 25m sprints I did go without them and felt I held my own enough to consider doing more next week.  The idea of swimming in open water still leaves me with jelly legs, a fear I am going to have to overcome soon!

As always, today was a great day, the boys and I had so much fun poolside, jumping from one pool to the other.  Hugo is the fish of his swim class and is so daring in the water, as is Otto who went from screaming in terror at the idea of swimming to the deep end in September to now jumping in and doing tricks.  The best part of a Friday is the ham and cheese sandwiches and red frog before heading home with two very tired boys for a relaxing afternoon.

The bottom photo was meant to be a group shot!  Seems as though Otto is hell bent lately on having no photographic evidence that he was four.  He decided the goggles were a better representation of him.  At least Hugo will still look cute for me!

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