Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week one wrap up.

I started off this weekend by getting up at 5 am on Saturday and hopping on the bike, I was so excited to be out there peddling that only the sweat in my eyes wiped the smile off my face.  I didn't go far or for very long but I did manage to set up my first runkeeper log of cycling to give me a benchmark.

My stats are:
Distance: 20km
Time: 1 hour
Average pace: 20km/hr.

I have no idea if this is a good average pace for a cyclist and at this stage I am not too worried, I am very new to the sport and it gives me something to improve on.

And with a view like this to ride past you certainly can't complain.

Yesterday morning was a 10km run day and I was keen to try a new route that included some more hills and trail running.  I had heard that trail running is a lot of fun and also a good way to change up the surfaces that you run on especially while training hard.  This route has a hill included that is my nemesis, the first time I tried to conquer it I had both boys with me while pulling them on the bike, I have never been so scared that at any minute we would start going backwards as at that moment.  We only just made it to the top.  The second time I came across it I was on my own while riding and didn't even bother trying to get up it.

This time I was sure it was mine, I know my legs are strong enough, but as is often the case with running, it is a mental exercise as much as it is physical and my head let me down.  I am determined by the time this training period is up, that hill will be mine.

I did enjoy the rest of the run, it was really nice to run through the bush and then back onto a path along the river, a change of scenery did wonders and I will be sure to check out other runs in the area that I can do without the boys to make Sunday runs a bit more enticing, and I did get to conquer one hill, and that felt amazing, it really hammered home that I CAN do it, I really just need to believe in myself more.

Today is the Australia day public holiday so there is no swimming,  to be honest I am not very upset, this training routine is pretty full on and the extra day of rest has been great, we have caught up with friends this morning at a park and a slow afternoon is on the cards.

So week one recap:
Distance:  21.78km
Average pace: 6min/km (I think?!?)

Distance: 20km
Average pace 20km/hr

I didn't document distance, but will try harder to do that this week.

Overall this week went well, I managed to fit in all the workouts even with a busy life, they didn't all feel great and I have a lot to learn about nutrition and rest as the weeks continue.  It has me both excited to continue but also a bit cautious about exactly how tired I will be.  Also, I think I need to learn some of these positive thinking mantras by heart for when it gets tough so I can repeat them in my head!

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