Monday, January 6, 2014

My first dip back in the water.

I haven't yet worked out how I will be keeping my fitness journal on here.  It is not feasible for me to write every night but I am hoping that I will be able to write regularly enough to make it worthwhile.  I suppose I will just see how it goes.

Today was the first swim squad of the year, considering the high temps and humidity I was overly anxious to get myself there and in the water.  Otto and Hugo headed happily to kids club covered in suncream and I always pick them up with huge smiles covered in dirt and sand!

The pool was so warm it felt like a bath which had us working at a slower pace than normal to avoid heat exhaustion.  I have never heard of heat exhaustion in a pool but took heed of the warning anyway.  It felt so good to use and stretch those muscles that had been lying in wait during the last two weeks of holidays, I am always surprised at just how much strength is required to propel yourself through the water.  There is real enjoyment for me in noticing how much faster I can swim, and a huge decrease in the amount of pool water I drink!

Last year I swam with flippers constantly (I started in October) considering I hadn't swum since school and needed to keep up with all the other lanes.  This year I am hoping to use them less, if I am ever going to feel confident swimming in open water I am going to need to loose the security I feel having them on. Today was the first day I tried and to my surprise I kept up and enjoyed the knowledge that I was improving so much.  Overall it was a great first day back and I can't wait until Friday to attack the pool again.

It is a running day tomorrow, and while I have run during the past two weeks, it has been without pushing the kids.  I am dreading it a bit to be honest.  The bigger they are getting the harder I am finding it to push them, between them they weigh 28kg and then factor in the weight of the pram and I am running and pushing over 30kg for 5-10km!  I have renewed my expectations for this year out of necessity,  I will not be talking myself into running up each hill with the kids, but accept that sometimes depending on the day it is ok not to make it to the top.  It is better to have a break every now and then and not manage some hills then stop running with them all together and miss out on training time and Km's.  I need to run with the kids when Han is away as it is an activity that they can accompany me on, I need all the cycling km's I can get when he is home and able to watch the kids for an hour or so after they wake up while i finish my ride.

This is all starting to sound obsessive, which I suppose is my nature, but I like to be organised and in a routine, I find it makes my life easier if both the kids and I know what to expect each day.  Otto often reminds me of the activity for the next day and I am always looking for ways to find their time spent in the running pram more fun.  I am lucky to live near a train line so the rail crossing always features in my route, along with my fervent requests that there be a train passing so I have no choice but to stop for a drink!  Let's see what tomorrow brings!

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