Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend wrap up.

What a crazy busy, fun and tiring weekend we just had!  I was pleased that even though it was so full, I still managed to get my training in.

Saturday morning the boys and I went to the markets to gather some more fruit and veggies while Han caught up on sleep, I am not sure if anyone else is struggling to buy nice fruit at the moment but I seem to pick terrible fruit constantly.  I was hoping that the markets would help our dismal fruit bowl, but sadly we didn't find much there either.

After getting home coffee in hand I headed out for my 10k run.  The plan was to take it easy, I had worked until late the night before and Hugo had been unsettled, so I wasn't well rested, in fact I was down right grumpy!

Distance: 10.67 km
Time: 1hr
Pace: 5:49/km

It wasn't an earth shattering run, I felt comfortable throughout it and enjoyed running past all the heritage homes in our area.  It did remind me that I really need to start thinking about hydration and fuel for the half marathon, I don't normally carry water on these runs because they don't seem long enough, the half marathon though will require something, and I am far to uncoordinated to manage stopping at the drinks station.

Saturday night we went out with friends, and while I don't usually drink while training I had decided to let my hair down.  2 G&T's and 2 wines later and I realised that I may be more physically fit but my drink fit days are long gone!

I felt each and every glass of alcohol on my ride into work on Sunday morning, not helped by the 4:30 start to the day either.  There are two cycle entries for yesterday as I rode in then rode home but for the ease of writing here I have combined them.

Distance: 34.35 km
Time: 99 min
Pace: 20km/hr

Pretty much the same as last week, except I rode a bit further, I can't say I felt any stronger but I was happy to be out there with the wind on my face trying not to curse that last G&T too much.

This week is a big one for me, on Sunday we head up to do the Bribie Triathlon.  My first time ever to attempt something like this. I am equally scared and excited to have a go, I need to devise some sort of plan for how I want to attempt it.  Transition and open water swimming still scare me, I have no idea what to wear or where my bike and clothes need to be set up.  This is a whole other ball game then just arriving in my running gear and finding the start line!

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