Sunday, August 5, 2012

Catch up.

After our messy playdate last week things pretty much went downhill, both Otto and Hugo decided to stop napping properly and as a result I spent the week with pretty cranky children!  We still managed to get out and have some fun though.

On Friday we headed to our local botanical gardens for 'The big latch on' event to raise breastfeeding awareness and have a picnic.  The event wasn't quite what I was expecting and over pretty quickly once they got the numbers but still nice to have been part of something to raise awareness.

The picnic afterwards was lovely, a friend and her two children joined us in the park and our two eldest continue to get along so well.  There is over 6 months between them but they play so nicely with one another.

After heading home for the non existent nap time we headed into the city to catch 'The little Ekka', we were pumped, it was meant to be a taste for our local "Ekka" which is the yearly Brisbane Exhibition.  There is no way I am taking an infant and toddler to that just yet so figured this would be just as good, combined with dinner out.  It needs some improvement but I imagine that will come with time, it hasn't been running for that long and needs some more participation from vendors at the Ekka, the best part was that the big kids loved it.

Saturday was blissful for me, I got to take the whole afternoon off from home!  I hit up the hairdresser, shops and even got a pedicure, 5 hours on my own to do what I wanted, you couldn't wipe the smile from my face all afternoon.  Han did a wonderful job on the home front but was very pleased to see me when I got home, with a new appreciation for what I do each day, couldn't have asked for anything better.

Sunday was a 'party in the paddock' at the Mcintyre Centre for riders with a disability, Otto had such a wonderful time, my Mum booked him in to do horse riding and while I appreciate his love of horses and riding them, I am hoping that it doesn't become a full time hobby, I don't think our bank balance would appreciate it!

So now it is Monday, both children are asleep and a new week begins.  I have more adventures lined up for this week with Otto and Hugo and can't wait to start.

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