Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Messy playdate Tuesday.

After sickness had us cancelling last weeks playdate we finally got our chance today.  Sadly one of our trio was still sick so there were only the two of us today.

I decided not to go with the coloured spaghetti, although I will possibly try that next time, instead I decided to try paintball.  I absolutely love the way these kids take an idea, turn it completely into their own and come up with more imaginative ideas then I could ever have dreamed of.

The ball throwing was interesting for a little while, I had also added the liquid spray bottles into the mix to give the children another option.  It quickly went from throwing balls, to finger painting, then to the inevitable body painting.

 For reasons I am not aware they walked around the yard covered in green paint quacking for ages!

By this point they were covered in paint and having a great time, so to extend the activity and have some more sensory fun with the paint we got the shaving cream out and mixed it in.  This play activity all up lasted about 1.5 hours and both children had an amazing time.  It was the perfect winters day to enjoy being outside covered in paint and shaving cream.

Anyway, there is nothing that a quick bath can't fix.  We just won't mention that both children are still have a slight hue of green on their faces.

Another fabulous day spent with friends.

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