Tuesday, August 7, 2012


A subject so fraught with emotion for toddlers and small people would have to be sharing, and why shouldn't it be, often adults haven't mastered the art of sharing themselves!  Otto is ok with sharing some things but try and take his Thomas trains and you will feel the full wrath of an almost 3 year old with exceptional screaming ability.

At the park today we ran into a little boy, Eric who we see there often, Otto and Eric have played nicely a few times, each with their own toy cars and so on.  Today I wasn't planning stopping at the park on our way home but the day was so lovely we were drawn there, however I was unprepared.  Eric arrived soon after ourselves with a little bag full of booty provided by his Grandmother, (who doesn't speak any English), and to Otto's delight there in front of him was a huge amount of Thomas trains.

Otto asked nicely and Eric divided up the trains evenly and they proceeded to play happily sharing for the next hour with these trains.  I fed Hugo while Eric's grandmother and I watched on as these two boys were bound by their mutual love of Thomas trains and lost in their own world of play.

It made my day to see these boys play so well, no shouting, snatching or crying for a whole hour, imagine that!

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