Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ekka holiday.

Yesterday was the Ekka showday, and what a glorious day it was, Brisbane really knows how to turn on the weather as it gets closer to spring.

We gave the ekka a miss this year and probably will for a fair while yet, it would be such a huge day for them and both kids are too small to appreciate it yet.  We did still have fun though and headed to the Roma St parklands to catch up with friends.  Otto had a great time playing and running around the park with his friends, chasing the water dragons that are so tame thanks I am sure to all the dropped food that exists around a playground.

The best part though was that the little train was running, his already large smile became even bigger once he realised he could go on it.

The best part of doing these things on a weekend or public holiday means I get to steal a few minutes with Otto on my own and not worry about Hugo at all.  It reminds me of all the little adventures we used to do just the two of us.

We weren't the only ones enjoying such a beautiful day, there were families and couples all over the area having picnics and catching up.  We shared our train journey with another lovely family who had a young girl and watching them all interact made me realise just how lucky we are.

The mother of this family was obviously wearing a wig, had her eyebrows drawn on, and a few other hallmarks of recently having chemotherapy.  She looked tired, very tired but was determined to enjoy the day, her husband often looked concerned and asked if she was ok but both parents were committed to having a special time with their daughter, they talked with Otto and the little girl told him what they had been doing that morning and she seemed so excited.  It made me hug my family just that little bit harder when they went to sleep last night and offer a silent thanks that right now we are all ok, happy and healthy.  You never know what the next day might bring and watching that little girl walk away with a huge smile on her face holding her mothers hand made me appreciate my little bubble in the world all that much more.

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