Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Messy playdate Tuesday.

Today I hosted our messy playdate again, and thanks to that sickness that has been sticking around I wasn't feeling particularly adventurous after another horrible nights sleep.

I decided on 'goop', essentially dump a packet of corn flour into a container and mix with water until you get the desired affect.  I made two different bins, one that had a more watery consistency than the other and set them both out with some pipettes, food colouring and scooping utensils for the invitation.

Once our visitors arrived Emma and Otto got right into the activity.  Both of them used the pipettes at first to mix the colours and it was interesting to see the effects on the solution, but once that got a bit tiresome they decided to dump the contents of the food colouring into the bin.  Certainly something for me to remember next time, I now need a bunch more food colouring in this weeks grocery shopping!

Otto worked really hard at scooping out the solution and filling up the empty jars and Emma enjoyed the feeling of trying to pick the goop up and have it slide through her fingers as well as transferring from one container to the other.

I have to say sometimes the simplest play is the way to go, this activity got so much more attention then I thought it would and they both spent a fair amount of time playing with it and using elements in further imaginative play (instead of being ducks like here they were birds this time!).  To continue the play a little longer we filled a plastic clam shell with a bit of water and shaving cream and dumped some of the remaining food colouring in there.  They had a great time stripping off and jumping in and out of it. 

Topped off by a bath and some yummy snacks and it is another successful messy day with friends.

What have you been up to with the kids?

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  1. what a wonderful, adventurous mother you are!! Look at those fun green hands! =) I wanted to say thank you for the sweet comment you left a few weeks ago. I was grateful to find I have a friend clear across the world! =)