Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Goo Thursday!

Today I had decided we were staying at home, adventures are great but sometimes exhaustion takes hold and the will to leave the house just isn't there, today is one of those days.  We were lucky to have some friends drop around to see us and I put together a few activities for the two boys.

I had 3 stations out but only took photos of the most popular one with my iphone.  The ultimate in lazy!

If there is one sure fire way to get Otto to have some fun it is to bring out the jelly bath, because the weather is so lovely and there was more than one child I decided to set it up outside, in a tub on a tarp.  I think the best part was putting plastic insects all through it that the boys had to dig in to find. (thanks K-mart!).

Moving it outside and onto a tarp transformed the activity so many times, it went from searching for bugs, to using measuring cups and play kitchen pots, to becoming a slip and slide.  Watching these two boys work and play together was wonderful and gave us mum's a chance to catch up.  It is crazy to think that both these boys were conceived while we lived in South Africa at the same time, what an adventure we have been through together.  But those are stories for another day, today belonged to goo and the boys!  

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