Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Messy playdate Tuesday

There are so many things I appreciate much more at home having lived away for a while.  One of the most important is friends and family, I have been so lucky that a few of my friends have children and babies close in age to mine, and even though we live in different areas of the city we have started our own playdates.

Each Tuesday we head to someone's house or host at our own and come up with our own messy playdate idea.  It works so well, we get to have a catch up, talk over coffee the challenges and joys of parenting two children, while the eldest children delve into a wonderfully sensory mess that we only have to clean up every three weeks or so!  Brilliant.

This week was the week for slime!  Amazingly the two boys were so freaked out over getting their hand dirty and slimy that it didn't last too long, but the only girl really got into it!  Eventually the boys came back to it after thoroughly discovering the backyard first and had a bit more fun.

My turn next week, I am thinking a clam shell full of coloured spaghetti would be fun, fingers crossed I can pull it off!

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