Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our week so far.

Another lovely week so far in our household, we have been duck feeding, pounding the footpath and spending huge amounts of time in the local parks.

One thing I always said while we lived in Jakarta was that when I got home I would take none of it for granted.  Don't get me wrong, Jakarta wasn't all bad but for these misplaced Queenslanders the inability to get outside and play is just so foreign.  We are blessed with pretty much perfect weather year round and an abundance of space to enjoy it, and enjoy it we will.

Tuesday morning we headed to story time in the local botanic gardens, I spent the majority of the time holding Hugo while Otto chased bush turkeys, but the lovely lady reading didn't seem to mind her pauses being filled with the sound of my son screaming "GO AWAY" to the ugly birds, and to his credit he did at least sit down and listen through one story.

I believe these gardens are also one of the few places where you can still actually feed the ducks in the pond.  I luckily remembered the bread as we were screaming (Hugo literally) out of the house that morning.  Feeding ducks equated to one very happy boy.

(excuse the dodgy iphone/instagram pics)

Since we don't have a huge amount of local knowledge of the suburb we are living in I have made it a mission to head to a new park each afternoon for Hugo's late afternoon sleep, it has been great to find new favourites, and new walking tracks.  It has meant that dinner is even more basic and later than usual, and we miss our housekeeper from Jakarta who would whip up amazing meals from nothing but I figure in a few years our meals can become more exciting again, until then, afternoon adventures it is.

I love the afternoon light that comes streaming through our playroom, Otto loves to try and catch the dust in the rays (another good reason to not dust)  while Hugo is entranced by the rays of light hitting different areas, it gives me a few moments after nap time to gather myself and face the afternoon, and the perfect afternoon tea would have to be a boiled egg covered in pepper and salt.

And of course we need a lovely photo of Hugo, this little boy that comes along for the ride each day, all smiles and happiness, as much as we love our adventures it is great to have time at home as well to recharge and stare into those eyes a little as well.

Now it is the downhill slide into the weekend!

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