Saturday, August 25, 2012

Messy Playdate Tuesday.

I feel like I am living in some kind of amazing dream here in Brisbane at the moment, the weather has been so amazing for late winter I just want to get out there and live every second of it.

On Tuesday we did just that, we all met up again for another messy playdate and had a great time.  There were bubbles, lots of shaving cream, playdoh and well, lots of mess!  

This time food colouring, dishwashing detergent and water were poured onto a foam mat and the kids got to pound, press and rub the foam to feel the bubbles coming out, then a quick run to the slide which was made extra slippery thanks to the shaving cream!

All of them had so much fun running around the yard slipping on the shaving cream and jumping on the bubble foam mat, Otto kept talking about the spongy mat and the slippery slide on the way home and I was so pleased to hear him talk about the different textures.

After exhausting themselves and thoroughly soaking up the sun we headed to the deck where they made their own no-cook playdoh (I don't have the recipe).  Watching them mix the colours together was amusing, brown playdoh seemed to be the end result for a lot of it.

After coming home and having quiet time Otto decided he wanted to paint, I am not sure if he was remembering the playdate from the week before but he really wanted to paint himself.  We compromised and I set it up so that he could paint on a long piece of paper with his hands and feet.

 And before I knew it another Tuesday adventure was over, Otto went to bed that night with blue tinged toes and talking about bubbles under his feet.

It is my turn again next week and I am really looking forward to what they come up with this time!

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