Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today I watched Han pack up for another week away with work.  This isn't unusual, for most of our life before children this happened regularly as we often lived apart while Han worked in remote areas of the country.  We both decided once the children came along that this would stop, and it has.  True to his word there has been no more mention of a fly in/out roster.  Travel however is an inevitable part of his role and we are lucky enough that it is infrequent.

I gave up crying over these goodbyes, and we certainly gave up airport goodbyes a long time ago.  Today was different, I watched him pack a satellite phone and two distress beacons along with the usual socks and toothpaste.  There were a few tears and final hugs.  Where he is going is dangerous, we have traveled together to dangerous countries before and not been concerned, this time though we have children, he is without me, and I am not by his side facing the challenges together, you see together, we make the perfect travel companions.  I am the yin (relaxed) to his yang (stressed).

I know he will be more than likely fine and safe, these things always work out ok.  Han's company has ensured that their safety is a priority, I have details of people to contact if I don't hear from Han within a certain time period.  I have details for bank accounts should the unlikely scenario of a hostage scenario occurs.  All our bases are covered.

Until I see and hold him again though you can be sure that there will be a few prayers said and fingers crossed.  Each day I will be writing a letter to Han here, so that even though we are in different time zones and sleep patterns he can log onto this blog and see a glimpse into what our day has looked like from this end, a small piece of our home.

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