Sunday, November 25, 2012

Letters to Han (day1)

Hi babe,

This morning was a sad one, Otto was most upset that you didn't need him to go on the plane with you and has continued to ask me all day when Daddy is getting home.  We had some fun though, Hugo had a good nap so we painted, played with water and he had soon forgotten that it wasn't just a regular work day.

Otto decided that he wanted to play in his room for a while and I wasn't allowed!  I was even blocked entry to his room with his bed rail.

Quiet time came around and even though he was exhausted I had such a battle on my hands, the worst part, the game of Dumbo is finally up.  Otto came out twice telling me that he had miraculously woken up, only to show me exactly how it was done.

Dumbo spent the rest of quiet time sleeping with me in the lounge room!  Oh well, we got a good fortnight out of the sleep training clock.  Otto did eventually fall asleep and Hugo had a huge two hour nap with no help from me.  When I went in to retrieve him from his cot I was rewarded with this gorgeous smile.

It was still stinking hot so off we went to the water park (of course), it was crazy busy and Otto spent a few moments with me before diving in and having a great time splashing, swimming and running around.

 Hugo did more of this!

Seriously this kid has been an angel today.

Otto had so much fun there today, and every plane that we saw was Daddy's plane, every time that Hugo cried Otto said that it was ok, Daddy would be home soon.  I also don't play anywhere near as well as Daddy before bedtime, those darn plastic shape things are not my specialty at all!

We had to have some cuddles after a bad case of "chips and noodles"  (pins and needles)  which I didn't mind one little bit.

I did some more baby gazing, while Otto tried so hard to be a bigger boy and play a complicated game with some older boys, didn't work out, he just looked like a maniac running around and laughing at them.  They were good sports though and just let him be.

I then got to be that mum leaving the park with two screaming children, one being half dragged behind me screaming that he didn't want to leave yet.  Priceless!

Day one is done, we miss you so much.  Good luck tomorrow.

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