Monday, November 19, 2012

Just do it.

I have always been a fit person, through school I competed in cross country running, netball, tennis and continued that throughout University, adding high intensity aerobics when I started working.

I love feeling fit, healthy and comfortable in my own skin.  After I had Otto it was harder to find the time to work out but I still managed a one hour walk once a day and that kept me feeling good enough.  With two kids at home the time to workout, or even go for a walk now that we are heading into a long hot summer is harder to find.  I have been missing it so much, especially as my figure hasn't bounced back into any sort of shape after having Hugo and the normal jiggly bits are a little too jiggly for my liking.

This week I have declared that enough is enough, Hugo wakes between 5 and 5:30 for a feed, I usually put him back in his cot until around 6 or when he calls out, and Otto sleeps until around 6, this gives me the perfect time to complete a workout on my own.  This morning I pulled on my running shoes and headed out by 5:45 to complete the C25K program.  It felt amazing, music going, a nice cool breeze and some very important time to myself, on the days of rest I am going to go for a gentle walk.

For some extra motivation I am signing myself up for this event, hopefully I will be able to complete the whole race and then spend a lovely weekend with my family by the beach.  I am excited, motivated and feeling so positive about completing this for myself.  I will be sure to keep an update on here to keep myself accountable.

Farewell jiggly bits!

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