Monday, November 26, 2012

Letters to Han- Day 2.

What a perfect day we have had today.  I had one of those shining motherhood days that we all dream of while we are rubbing that pregnant belly, but in actual fact are so much rarer than anyone would have you believe.

Hugo was up and down a lot overnight, pretty much every two hours but each time he nestled into the side of my neck and rubbed my back which was so sweet!  Otto slept until 6:45!!!!!  I can't remember the last time that happened, so needless to say we were all in a good mood to start the day.

We of course had our play after breakfast, and as usual Otto was naked.

Hugo was happy, and also very screechy, I am really hoping that this stage of such a high pitched noise is over soon.  I sat with him at his favourite spinning toy for ages, then realised that he was sitting there on his own, I was barely holding him at all.  

While Hugo was safe and entertained that freed me up to be Otto's newest patient, don't let that grave face fool you, apparently I will make a full recovery, just so long as I eat popcorn and apples.

Hugo went for a nap and it was brilliant, three uninterrupted hours with Otto was lovely.  We achieved so much!  

We made a simple cobbler with berries,

Otto wanted to help me iron, so after taking a good 20 minutes to convince him that he needed to at least wear underwear he ironed some tea towels.  I have to say, he was pretty good and really concentrated on the task at hand.  That might have had something to do with how I finally got him to put underwear on!  

Then this happened.  I started the Christmas floodgates!  We may not be able to put up a tree until you are home, but that doesn't mean the magic can't start yet.  I set up the portable north pole email again, you should have seen his face light up when Santa knew his name and had a photo of him.  I asked him if he would sit on Santa's knee and he promptly told me that he would kiss him so that he felt the prickles of the beard.  We shall see.

We went to swimming, Hugo is doing really well.  I am constantly surprised by how amazing babies are.  He is already learning to hold his breath when he falls into the water, which surprises me, the instructors are constantly surprised by how happy and placid he is. 

I am not sure how we got to be so lucky, two amazing children, yin and yang themselves, a reflection of us behind their eyes.

Otto decided Hugo could do with some flair.

And then the parenting miracle happened.  They both slept at the same time, Hugo had two hours (!!!!) and Otto only a short one, he stumbled out just as I was about to wake him and promptly fell back asleep on the couch.  10 seconds later he sat bolt upright and asked for TV.

We packed up and headed to IKEA, I thought for sure I had pushed the perfect day too far by doing that, but you know me, once I have an idea I have to do it right.that.second.  Otto was big enough to leave in the kids room, he was asking for it as soon as we got there but I wasn't so sure, luckily it was really empty and plenty of supervision so I thought I would try him and just check back regularly.  I shouldn't have worried, he had such a great time.

That left Hugo and I to wonder around, in peace, for a whole hour!  You couldn't keep the smile from my face, a whole freaking hour to myself in the paradise that is IKEA.  So I celebrated by taking a picture.

But then, wait for it.....................

He fell asleep, leaving me to wander the great expanse of IKEA without a care in the world, which may have led to a few incidental Christmas purchases.  

Yep, that totally came home with us.  You know you love it.

The only thing that would have made today better was seeing you at the end of it, rolling your eyes at my childlike enthusiasm for Christmas and helping me take out the rubbish.  Oh, I forgot, Otto has worked out how to use Siri on my phone, I caught him using it and listened for a while.

O: My Daddy went on an airplane.
S: I don't understand let me search the internet for you.
O: My Daddy went on an airplane.
S: I don't understand let me search the internet for you.
O: My Daddy went on an airplane.

Over, and over and over again until he just gave up.  So sweet, you are certainly never far from any of our thoughts.  We love you.

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