Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Letters to Han- Day 3.


Tonight will be a quick one, I am exhausted and the internet is playing up.  We have had another fun busy day today, and it has been so hot!  34 degrees at midday today.

We headed to the Justine Clarke concert with 3 other boys and girls today which was so much fun, it took me right back to Indonesia as all the songs she sang were on the CD I used to play over and over in the car to keep Otto busy.

As usual he didn't really get into the dancing straight away but eventually warmed up and did some very dodgy uncoordinated dancing which is so much fun to watch.  We all had lunch at Southbank afterwards, he went crazy on the playground in the heat so I figured an icecream afterwards was on order.

I had so much fun with these boys today, it has been great to get out and about and have some adventures with them both.  I must say that I am really looking forward to a home day tomorrow though, it will be good for us all to have a quiet day here.

Also, Hugo needs some mat time, he is working so hard on moving around and gets off his mat so quickly now.  The frustrated squealing is non stop at the moment, I feel so bad for him but he is not far off from commando crawling so hopefully it stops soon.

We missed the markets this afternoon thanks to a big storm and lots of rain, it is always sad to not get the chance to go, but it was nice to not have to get into the car again.  Jacinta came around and we all enjoyed having another adult around to talk and play with, especially with all the rain!  Otto has developed a sixth sense for Christmas, I had hidden the cardboard tree from IKEA really well, but he found it and there was no convincing him to wait, so we got it out and started decorating.  He was so happy with the outcome, and told me there is still more work to do.  

So happy that you will be on a plane back to us soon!  Go well, we are looking forward to seeing you walk through that door.  Love you.

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