Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Letters to Han- Day 3.

Hey babe,

We had a full on day here, full of love and Christmas magic.  To say that Otto almost exploded at the idea of seeing Santa this morning doesn't even come close, we perused his "Christmas books" which are really just the junk mail while listening to Christmas music and lighting our Christmas candle in preparation for the big event.  The one problem with that is he has now decided to ask Santa for a racing boat that he saw in a catalogue and not a bike.  I hope he forgets about that soon.

Getting them dressed up was such a highlight for me, for a change Otto actually didn't mind putting clothes on and they both looked gorgeous.  I may have given them enough cause for counselling later in life but my heart almost burst from these two.

Thankfully I wasn't the only one who dressed my children in matching clothes, those two gorgeous girls also looked to die for in their dresses.  These two monkeys provided us with lots of laughs today.

I will show you the photos when you get home.  I am pretty sure we are going to see santa again, they are ok but to be honest the Indooroopilly Santa is so much better.  Mum had plans cancel tonight so took Otto overnight to her place which is as always bittersweet.  I know he has a great time, but I can't help missing him.  It did however give me a chance to go for a run, which I am so grateful for, it has been so hot that I decided to head down and run along the river, so glad I made that decision, it was glorious there.

Also, seriously sunny for Hugo as the sun went down, lucky I was prepared!

Oh I know, how much cute can you handle at once!

A few Otto pearls for you:

  • We now have sticky steak instead of tape, don't try and correct him!
  • We have Santa aerials on the headphones of the computer, Otto is able to talk directly to Santa that way.
  • I might find this funny in a few days, but earlier today I found Otto weeing in his dirty laundry hamper, according to him it was on fire and he was putting it out.  Now I have a huge amount of stinky washing to get done.
Anyway, that is a wrap for today, we have another big fun day planned for tomorrow, can't wait for another day with these two monkeys.  Love you.

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