Monday, November 5, 2012

5 Months.

Our lovely Hugo is marching through these monthly updates much to fast for my liking.

5 months with our cheerful, delightful contented little man.  This month was our most challenging in terms of sleep, he just wasn't interested, day or night in shutting those little peepers which had me exhausted.  And also slightly cranky.

Fingers crossed, touching wood and anything else superstitious, but we seem to have jumped that hurdle and the sleep fairies are once again with us.

The biggest milestone was rolling over, oh the frustration of a baby learning these things for the first time is simultaneously hilarious, and heart wrenching.  Hugo has taken to try and surprise himself with attempting a roll.  He stays perfectly still and then in one big jump launches himself to his side, only to be stuck again by one arm that just refuses to behave.  Over the month it has become much more fluid and he has really got the hang of it.

Our other milestone was commencing solids, if there was any doubt that he was ready it was quickly forgotten once he started grabbing the spoon from me and shoving it in his mouth!

As always it has been a pleasure (even a sleepless pleasure) to spend another month basking in this gorgeous little boys life.  I am currently in denial that next month he is halfway to one.

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