Tuesday, July 10, 2012


One of the things I really missed while we lived in Indonesia was the sheer amount of activities you can do with children in Brisbane, and the best bit is that most of them are free.  Yesterday we headed to GOMA (gallery of modern art) they have a new exhibit called Fly away home by Fiona Hall.  It was wonderful, the art area was set up so beautifully and the craft itself suited children of all ages, even Otto who isn't known for sitting still for that long.

Otto was enthralled by the art area, there were birds hanging from the trees, stunning wallpaper, a video of birds enjoying their natural habitat.  To me it was a space that inspired calm (something any mother of an almost 3 yr old loves!), each art area was set up with minimal tools, just those that were needed and it was highly encouraged that everyone tidy up before they left.  I was very impressed.

The best part was that Hugo slept through the whole thing which gave Otto and I some much needed time to do some things together, well that and the coffee afterwards!

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