Saturday, July 14, 2012

Another adventure

Well well, two adventures in one week!  We have had rain here all week, so by Thursday we were all going a little bit crazy staying in the house, I blame a mix of nursing hormones as well as the consistent annoying pitch of a certain toddlers whining that led me to my next decision.  I packed us all up and caught two trains into the city through the pouring rain to my 6 week doctor check up.

What I didn't factor in was that with two children to keep dry, that left no hands for me, luckily the rain held until after my appointment and I didn't look like a drowned rat until my return journey home.

Heading out.

Otto watching the stations go by.

I was amazed by Otto's memory, we used to do this trip every time I had a doctors appointment, since Hugo has arrived we haven't been on the trains at all, but he still remembers all the different names and which station we need to hop off.  I have to remember his ability for recall next time I tell him a secret!

Post doctor treat.

Drowned rat!

I think this is to be filed under 'seemed like a good idea at the time'!  Otto, Hugo (who slept the whole time) and I had a great time, it felt good to be able to still achieve getting out and doing something fun together, even if I needed quite a large glass of wine by the time we got home.  The best part of my day was seeing Otto's smile, bigger than ever.  God we love that kid.

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