Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our week.

Thankfully this week the weather has been really lovely and we have taken full advantage of it.  Swimming has started up again for Otto and he is killing it in the pool, I am so proud sitting on the sidelines feeding Hugo watching him really listen and learn a new skill.

It was a pretty quiet week at home, we didn't do anything out of the ordinary but sometimes those are the best weeks to have.

Hugo practiced his head control, which still amazes me, he was born with a strong neck anyway but the amount of control he now has is astounding.  So proud of this little boy growing before my eyes.

Otto took his park style seriously and looked very dapper with his dump truck, I am forever grateful that only a few hundred meters away we have a brilliant playground, that really challenges Otto. 

Friday afternoon it was just Hugo and I, Otto went to have some special time with my MIL and I got to soak up this precious baby all to myself.

A few pictures we took while we were hanging out at home.

These kids are forever making me pull my hair out and laugh at the same time, and trying to get an almost 3 year old to take a photo with his brother is bang on impossible, unless of course he is throwing toys everywhere!

Saturday we headed to finally buy Otto a scooter that I have been watching and waiting to go on special, we decided to head to one of our local parks to try it out and see a festival that was on at the same time.  The scooter was a hit until Otto saw all the rides, so he hasn't worked out how to ride it just yet, but I can see a trip to the park later today in our future!

Otto loved riding a horse at the festival, which is great, next weekend we are off to a party at the local riding center and I wondered how he would go, it should be a great time, especially if he gets to ride a horse again.

Hugo was really alert and loved taking in all the different smells and sights that the festival had to offer, and I got to break away from being just a mum for a few minutes and ride on one of the adult rides.  I did have a moment while I was being flung up in the air, upside down and around, that this isn't what responsible mothers do, especially while the harness is pressing into their rather full of milk breasts, but hell, every now and then it is nice to remember that before these children were born I had things that I loved to do, one of them being paying people to scare me silly!

So now it is Sunday afternoon, we have been to a park with friends this morning and even though Otto is exhausted he is refusing to nap, so I can see a movie in our future, before we head to the park to practice more scooter riding!

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