Saturday, July 21, 2012

6 week check.

Hugo went for his six week check up this week, being the super organised person that I am we didn't make it until he was eight weeks!

The stats are in:

Weight: 5.2kg (75th Percentile)
Length: 59cm (90th Percentile)
Head: 39cm (50th Percentile)

Once again it seems as though we have made a large and long baby, and we still don't know where those genes come from, and boy does it make me scared for my future grocery bills!

Hugo has met all his milestones so far, although we did need a referral to a child physio thanks to tight neck muscles not allowing his head to move freely on one side resulting in a slight flattening of the back of his head.

We are so proud of this amazing little boy who has given so much joy and love to this family of ours already, I am dying to see more of his personality come through from behind that cheeky smile of his.

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