Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Catch up.

So last week didn't go to plan, I ended up catching a cold which had me out of action until Sunday and all training was ceased, I was upset that I had such a bad training week so close to my half marathon, but instead chose to spend the time resting and enjoying not trying to carve out time to fit my training in.

Sunday I met up with my Mum for a bike ride and we completed 36km, the longest I have ridden so far, Mum knows all the good routes and had me going up and down hills, explaining the intricate rules of the road and etiquette amongst cyclists, it was wonderful to get out and do some riding with someone else for a change, I enjoy the time to myself usually but the time and effort seemed so much less when enjoying it with another person.

Monday I headed back to swim squad, it was my first time back in the water after the triathlon and it is amazing how much more peaceful the pool seemed after the ocean swim.  This is definitely an area to work on, I am going to need to research some swims in my area that I can go and practice racing in before it gets too cold.  I swam 2.5km and was happy enough with the effort, sometimes I feel like I go a bit too easy in training, especially swimming as I am not really racing against a time or km/hr in the same way as when I am running or cycling.

I did get to have fun with this little guy though who kept blowing me kisses.

Tuesday I woke up all ready to head out for a run, and then couldn't believe that it was raining.  I really enjoy running in the rain, especially after the heat we have had but I didn't want the kids sitting in the pram while it was raining so I post poned my run hoping to have a chance to go in the afternoon.  The skies cleared and while it was still horribly hot and humid I got it done, amazingly to me in a record time!

Time: 28:50
Distance: 5.12km
Average pace: 5:38/km
I was absolutely stoked with that time, not to mention exhausted.

In all my reading about triathlons I have heard about brick training where you do more than one discipline in a session, so after a cycle you head out for a run.  I don't have the time or ability to do that on my own with the kids so I have adapted another training idea.  A few times a week I will either run or swim in the morning and then use the wind trainer to do some cycle in the evening.  I gave it a go for the first time last night and pushed out a tough 30 minute wind trainer session.  

I found a great program on you tube that I can set up on our TV to make it a realistic training run so I actually had a great time checking out the Melbourne scenery as the same time.

Today was a rest day, so after I finished work and my MIL headed home we hung out, had friends over for a take away dinner and got ready for another run day tomorrow.

My fingers are crossed for a nice run day tomorrow, I have grand plans for a breakfast picnic once we are done!

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