Thursday, February 13, 2014

It has been a slow week.

I hate whinging, just ask Otto, he is yet to learn not to whinge at me until I have at least one coffee under my belt, however this week I feel like whinging.
Swim squad has been cancelled both Monday and Friday, I ran an awesome time/pace on Tuesday, rested Wedensday and then thanks to extreme solo parenting which has culminated in no more than three hours sleep in a row for the last three nights, there was no damn way I was going for a run this morning.  I have been lazy, eating a bit too much chocolate and enjoying the odd glass of wine, all of which is definitely not in line with my training schedule.

I have high hopes that at least Saturday and Sunday I will be able to motivate myself to do some sort of movement that involves increasing my heart rate!  In good news, I did walk into Aldi this afternoon and find a road bike wind trainer, I had started looking for one second hand online as a way to practice my bike miles more at home when the kids are sleeping, and there right in front of me was the perfect one for the perfect price.  Thanks universe, now could you also help with the whole children not sleeping part!

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