Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2.2 km

2.2 km is how far I swam on Monday, I was a little bit late getting there so missed out on doing the whole 3km but I still feel like that was a decent effort.

The laps were
400m Freestyle
400m Pull
600m Freestyle
400m Kick
400m Medley

I spent some of the 600m freestyle practicing looking up every ten strokes to sight my lane as I will need to be able to do that on Sunday.  It felt good to get a handle on something that I will need for the swim, hopefully I will be a bit less anxious having some idea of what to do.

Today I ran, I started out feeling strong and was surprised at my original pace of 5.46/km which I held for 15 minutes before slowing it down to 5.53/km with the hills at the end.  Still a solid effort, and I can definitely tell that I am gaining strength and even some more resolve to get through these runs.

Tuesday is fast becoming one of my favourite days, after Otto rides his bike to Kindy Hugo and I get to sneak off for our very own coffee date, we count trucks, rubbish trucks and buses, all while I get to sip on a coffee and share a banana bread.

Some days this lifestyle of ours (FIFO) is really rough, over the last few weeks I have had moments of feeling completely overwhelmed by the responsibility of it.  This morning though I was so grateful for Han to have a job that provides me with the ability to mostly stay at home and have these wonderful moments growing a bond with my boys.  That bond, and the memories I have from when Otto was a baby are sustaining me through the current four year old craziness that has descended on our house, a hotbed of emotions and testosterone and defiance, with a bit of the cute, cuddly inquisitive boy I know is under it all.  This FIFO life isn't easy on any of us.

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