Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rest day = Playdoh

Yesterday was a rest day and a kindy free day,  I didn't have to be at work until later in the day so we spent a slow morning in our pj's slouching around the house, it was exactly what we needed.
Otto chose to play with playdoh, and Hugo will do absolutely anything that his big brother does so playdoh it was.  We had a great time, trains, animals and cars drove tracks, hats were made, samples were eaten (not by me, fairly sure I stopped that in primary school although I do remember it was delicious!).

I keep mentioning how overwhelming Han being away has been for me the last few weeks, so we finally outsourced some help with the housework and it has taken such a weight off my shoulders, I become really anxious if a standard is not constantly met and it was almost impossible combined with working more hours, a new school schedule and a toddler who just doesn't stop moving!  It gave me the breathing and head space to be much more present with Otto and Hugo.

As overwhelming as it sometimes is, I wouldn't trade being their mother for anything, just please don't ever stop the supply of wine!

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