Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beach time.

The best part about the weekend, other than ticking off a big personal achievement was heading up a day early with the family for some very much needed time off.  Things are hectic around here, just like any young family and when the opportunity to get away from pressing matters of the house presented itself we didn't think twice.

We have been dealing with lots of big emotions these last few weeks, at the beach they have room to run, scream, and for me to breathe!  Big deep relaxing breaths, and smile.

I was born near the water and spent the majority of my young childhood running along the sand, digging holes and chasing the waves, it is always where I feel the most calm and happy (except when being asked to swim in it with hundreds of others).  I am sure most children are the same, but the boys love it, we are all much happier by the sea.

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