Saturday, January 12, 2013

What a week.

I am sitting here, glass of wine perspiring in the oppressive heat that has been Brisbane over the last few days, looking back on what can really only be described as a terrible week.

Tuesday saw me never move far from my bed, a terrible but mild bout of mastitis brought on by a particularly hard headed three year old had me reeling, and feeling so much for the amazing women that have this condition early on while breastfeeding a newborn and managing engorgement.  Words can't describe the full body assault that I felt.  Thankfully plenty of fluids and rest saw me through as well as some lovely help from my family and friends.

It was then Han's turn to feel unwell, culminating in a trip to our local hospital (where I was working at the time) with my mother in law and children in tow.  He is currently awake and watching the river go past kilometeres away from his family while we worry and wish we were all under the same roof.  There will be tests, prodding, and probably a lot more pain and drugs before we have a clear path forward, and a few more nights apart yet, hopefully, at the end we will have an answer.

At least, as tomorrow dawns a new day, it will bring new posibilities, and hopefully promising blood results.

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  1. I hope this week is better than the last and that Han is feeling much better soon. Love to you all x