Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To the rescue.......

Like most boys his age Otto is addicted to Fireman Sam, Thomas was short lived and we haven't moved onto superhero's just yet.  I heard about an interactive display at the Ipswich art gallery and decided an adventure day was long overdue and we should check it out.

It was an absolute success, as with most of these things they can be a bit too old for Otto, but he still manages to find a lot of joy in the simpler exhibits.  Otto dressed up as a fireman and rescue worker, flew a rescue helicopter and rode a jet ski, scaled walls, put out fires and crawled through a house on fire.  I loved watching him explore all the areas, as he grows older it is interesting to watch how he interacts with other children and within such a chaotic environment.

Next weeks big adventure is starting Kindy.  For the first time he will be away from me, we are both ready now, the excitement from both of us for this next stage is palpable, I can't wait to hear what he does with his friends during the day!  Soon I will write about our crazy week last week, it needs to be written down somewhere.

I couldn't help but include Hugo in the fun, who could resist a fire fighter baby?  Not me anyway.

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