Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Such a big kid now.

We did it, Otto had his first day of Kindy yesterday, and after a morning of running around getting everyone ready, we arrived, early.  I imagine I am the same as any other mother, there is an intense amount of pride and love mixed with a tinge of sadness at how fast these days are flying by.

Han and I set ourselves a goal when we first started planning a family.  We wanted me to be able to stay at home with them full time until 3 years old, we have given up many luxuries, a lot of sleep, and time out to ensure that we give him the best start in life.  The feeling of achievement is immense, there were times when we were both tempted to put him in care one day a week so that I didn't have to work at night, or at least have a break during the week, but, at the end of this time together I can look back and see that it was such a gift.  For three years and four months this little boy has been by my side, as an infant, a crawler, early walker, talking, asking why and feeling the love and security of always having me there.

Today I saw a confident, happy and secure boy run off to be with his new friends, waving and blowing me a kiss as an afterthought, happy in the knowledge that after quiet time I will be there, Hugo on my hip waving madly at him through the gate ready to take him to our home.  It hasn't been a perfect three and a bit years, there are plenty of things that I got wrong, or wish I had addressed differently, but it is our story together.  Now he gets to go and make his own story.

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  1. What a wonderful start to life you have given him!
    Did you feel sad on the first day?
    Ronnie xo