Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life is tough.

Otto and Hugo have a typical brother relationship from what I can tell.  Hugo appears to love and idolise his big brother, and Otto tolerates him now that he is mobile and able to reach his toys.  Being an eldest child myself I remember well the nuisance that is your younger sibling at times, but also the fierce protection you give them from the outside world.

Now as a parent I have a new perspective, it hurts my heart when I hear Otto tell Hugo that he doesn't love him anymore now that he has touched a train or piece of Duplo, I know there is worse to come, that it is partly my responsibility to foster and nurture their relationship and I am completely out of my depth.

My sister and I were raised to respect each other and love one another, but due to many circumstances within my family it was a case of do as I say not as I do, and I want to make sure that I exemplify the morals and standards I would like my children to adopt.  Thankfully, after many years of struggling to understand each other, my sister and I enjoy a happy and secure relationship as well as a closeness that we both enjoy.

I am thankful each day that I have my sister by my side and would love for my boys to also have someone who they can rely on, who understands the crazy, fun and strange parts of their family like no one else.  Who can communicate with a raised eyebrow and wry smile that they understand your pain when you get stuck talking to 'that uncle' or the aunt who always has too much wine.

I am not sure where to even start ensuring that they have the best chance for that kind of relationship, for now I just try to make sure that they see love, compassion and understanding from the adults in their life, so that later in their years, they can walk this bumpy path together.

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  1. I think we all travel that bumpy road as Mum's of more than 1 child. I guess all we can do is practice what we preach, show them love, empathy, tolerance and understanding and hope & pray they end up alright.