Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hugo: A moment of contemplation while staring out the window.

Otto:  Still and looking at the camera, a rarity these days.

Our day today was punctuated with trips up to the hospital to visit Han.  He is still unwell, requiring medication to keep him comfortable, blood tests and still no food.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring more promise.


  1. Hi! Thanks for geting in touch! Isn't the internet a funny thing?? Proving just how small the world is. I'm so happy to be participating in this linkup. Already I feel like there's such a community of amazing women here capturing images of love. Sorry to hear about your (terrible week. wowzers). Lovely images. Your boys have the exact same eyes!! (But I guess you'd know that already, huh?)

  2. Gorgeous photo's Alanah. Hugo is just growing up way too fast!