Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In the sun.

Boxing day saw us packing up the car and heading south, ready to join some of my family in a beach shack nestled amongst the heavy mango trees, their branches dripping with almost ripe fruit.  Nothing speaks of summer more then the smell of sunscreen, the crunch of sand and the smell of mangoes.

After indulging in an afternoon nap we rushed down to the local river while the tide was slowly coming in to pump for yabbies, in the hope of a fishing trip the following day.  While the yabbies were few and far between, the fun we had in that river for a few hours filled my soul to the brim.  A sleeping baby on my chest and the delighted shouts of a happy boy who was excited to watch for yabbies, mud crabs or just frolick in the water that was the perfect height for him, meant a smile was never far from my face.

While we didn't get many yabbies, the simple memories we made in that river will last me a lifetime.  

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