Saturday, June 7, 2014

The week that was.

I was perusing my facebook feed earlier today when a lovely reminder from the Brisbane Marathon Festival popped up, "only 8 weeks until race day"!  Cue stress hot flush and a realisation that I absolutely need to start seriously attacking my training if I want to make it under two hours, I was so organised and strict leading up to the twilight half marathon and my efforts were rewarded, so I know I can do it.

I really pushed myself at swimming last Friday and have had a few stroke correction suggestions made to me by our coach which have helped immensely, even if it slows me down to start with while I am concentrating on correcting the technique, I have had muscles become sore that I didn't even know existed!

Saturday I headed to a quick park run before the rubbish truck party, I was still feeling pretty exhausted from the previous day's efforts in the pool so I didn't intend on pushing it too hard.  It was overcast and I decided to listen to music and use the Nike running app for a change as I usually do these runs without any technology, what I can only imagine was a fault due to the cloud cover preventing good signal to the GPS my nike app started to throw some strange sounding splits my way, it felt like I was pushing hard and keeping up with the pack but my 1 km splits were much slower than normal, a fact that I put down to swimming at the time.  Until I got my park run results.
Park run: 26:55
Nike:  28:55
Now that is a pretty big difference and to be honest I feel like I was pushing myself hard enough that the 26:55 is the more realistic time, certainly not the recovery run I was planning but I am still happy that I was able to push myself through the 27 minute barrier again.

After eating our weight in sugar on Saturday afternoon at Hugo's party the whole family headed out to enjoy the color run in Brisbane with some friends on Sunday morning.  It was a great event, possibly a little less family friendly than the one we attended on the Gold Coast last year but we all left smiling and covered in paint, so fair to say mission accomplished.

Monday and Tuesday turned out to be rest days due to a few unscheduled changes to our routine but we did manage to ride our bikes to and from kindy each day which was a lovely time to spend with the boys. 

 Wednesday I headed back to the pool for a heart rate class, I usually can't attend on a Wednesday so it was fun to try it out, I worked more on my stroke and have been given more instruction, so more sore muscles but I am much happier to be heading in the right direction as swimming is easily my weakest triathlon discipline.  The rest of the week was filled with more swimming and minimal running.  

That all changed today as I headed to my second triathlon training session.  Last time my ass was handed to me on a platter and I left with my tail between my legs, this time I feel as though I was able to redeem myself somewhat.

After finishing late at work last night I woke up crazy early and headed out before the sun came out.  It is so invigorating being out at that time of morning, most often you see other people running, cycling or driving to fit their training in before the weekend starts and life takes over, it is a really peaceful time of day to experience and never fails to make me appreciate the ability to greet it.  I enjoyed training within a group, not only for the social aspect but also for the ability to push yourself to try and keep up with people fitter and faster than you.  This week I didn't finish dead last, but still in the slower portion of the club, I am happy there, it means I have a long way to go yet.

A new week is about to start and I feel ready to get out there and start attacking that half marathon goal.

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