Monday, June 9, 2014

How to make your sports wardrobe go further!

Ok, so since starting to become more serious in my sporting ventures I have noticed that there is a ridiculous amount of apparel out there for each discipline.  Swimmers in all shapes, colours and sizes, running gear for all different seasons, shapes and sizes and cycling gear that seems to cover very little but cost an awful lot.

I started off running, and over the last 18 months have amassed a decent wardrobe inspired by lycra, a few cross season pieces but mostly summer stuff as this is only my second winter running and last year I borrowed Han's long sleeve travel top.  I shop only in sales and hate paying much more than $20 for any item (except shoes, I will pay good money to run pain free).  Stumbling into the world of cycling I was surprised and dismayed that much of my running wardrobe didn't transition well into that field and then I learnt the hard way that the padding in cycling pants is there for a very good reason.  Now add triathlon to that and the pants need a different style of padding, I guess running and cycling with a giant water soaked pad between your legs really isn't anyone's idea of fun.  Last night I spent a bit of time on ebay and other sites trying to find a reasonably priced triathlon pant when I discovered what is possibly the funniest, ugliest but best invention for people like me!

In the interest of full disclosure these are not the ones that I purchased, there were a few different ones to select from, but this picture gives the best idea.

With the cycling undies, my running wardrobe will go even further as I can wear these under all my running tights, go ahead, laugh, I sure did but I am pleased as anything to only spend $10 on a pair of undies instead of over $100 on a pair of cycling tights!

In other training news, I went for a long run this afternoon, and it felt good to get some distance on the legs again, especially without the stroller, it is a bit slower than race pace as I have a 14 km run coming up on Sunday.

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