Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rubbish truck party.

I am the first to admit that as much as I love Hugo, love celebrating events especially birthdays, my desire to throw a big party leading up to his second birthday was severely lacking.  We had so much happening so I was relieved to remember that Otto's second birthday was a fizzer as well, at least that meant I didn't have to keep it fair.

So, Hugo is obsessed with rubbish trucks, has been for as long as I can remember.  Bin day at our house is the best day of the week, you will often find us camped out on the driveway watching them go about their business while the drivers toot and wave to him, he has a little excited jump and dance when he sees them coming that I really need to remember to record before it stops.  It wasn't even a decision process to make that some sort of overall theme, even if it was kept pretty minimal.

Hugo had a great day, and managed to be lucky enough to gain three rubbish trucks which have been played with non stop since Saturday.  We are so incredibly blessed to have him in our family and just as lucky to have so many wonderful family and friends around us that make up our village.

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