Monday, June 9, 2014

Can I put in an order for more weather like this!

Hasn't this morning been gorgeous!  I was woken bright and early as usual but managed to convince both boys to snuggle a bit longer under the covers as it was still dark and cold, I love this time the most, when they are both still warm from their own beds, chatting about what we are doing today.

I decided not to run, it was a bit close to my run from yesterday and both boys still have coughs so I don't want them out in the cold air, instead we chose to ride to Kindy this morning and that is always fun for all of us.  Otto is so proud of riding his bike, especially when all his friends see him ride up to the gate, and Hugo loves it too, this morning I had the bonus of riding with my very own dinosaur on the back.

I love Tuesday's, Hugo and I are free to do whatever we like, and this week we continued on to meet a new friend for coffee and a play in the park right by the river.  Honestly, some mornings everything just goes right and today was one of them.

I think even this sleepysaurus thinks so.

Later today I am meeting with the builder to start working towards our renovations, we have been waiting such a long time to get this started and I am beyond excited to get going with our first stage.  Having lived through renovations before I know it won't be easy but the end product will be absolutely worth it.

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